6 week mother and baby check

Maternal postnatal template

Mental health screening questions

  • Is motherhood everything you thought it would be?
  • In the past month have you felt little interest or pleasure in doing things?
  • In the past month have you often felt down, depressed or hopeless?
  • During the past month have you been feeling anxious, nervous or on edge?
  • During the past month have you not been able to stop or control worrying?
  • Is this something we can help you with?

link to RCGP perinatal mental health toolkit

Domestic Abuse screening questions

  • How are things at home?
  • Have you ever felt frightened or had to change your behaviour due to someone you have a close relationship with?

Social Support

  • Who is at home to support you?
  • Have you or your family ever received help or support from children’s services?
  • How is your partner coping with parenthood? (If concerns consider need to offer partner an appointment)

Postnatal health education

  • Do you feel your baby is crying excessively?
  • ICON advice discussed and leaflet given
  • Safe sleeping advice (including avoiding co-sleeping)
  • Dadpad for support for partners (not yet a free resource)

Physical health

  • Type of delivery
  • Feeding details
  • Postnatal examination
  • Contraception
  • Smear
  • Smoking status
  • Alcohol consumption
  • History of substance misuse

Click here for formal evaluation

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