Physical health

Our minds and bodies are closely linked, so our physical health can impact our mental health and our mental health can impact our physical health. It’s important to look after both.

Here are some of the things that can help our physical and mental health:

  • Eating and drinking regularly. Our bodies need regular fuel. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; it gives us the energy we need. People who eat breakfast notice they have more energy, are more motivated, have better concentration, are less restless and that their moods are more stable. Aim to have breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacks throughout the day. It’s important to stay hydrated so drink water regularly.
  • Activity. When you’re at school or college you might be sat down a lot of the day. Make sure you do some physical activity every day. This could be going for a walk, playing at the park, doing some sport or exercise. Do activities with your friends and keep it fun!
  • Sleep. Making sure you get enough sleep is vital for our physical and mental health. Having a routine is important for this; you should aim to go to bed and get up at similar times every day, even on weekends or during holidays so that your body can develop a healthy routine. See our sleep section for more help if you struggle with your sleep.
  • Check Ups. It’s important to see your dentist and optician regularly to check your teeth, gums and eyes. If you are feeling physically unwell there are lots of ways of getting advice and help:
  • Tell a parent or carer
  • Ask your school nurse for advice
  • Make an appointment with your GP surgery
  • Freephone NHS non-emergency medical helpline on 111 (24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
  • Visit The MIX website for help and advice on everything from sleep problems to stretch marks or call free on 0808 808 4994 (11am-11pm everyday).

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