Eating disorders

AnorexiaAnorexia BulimiaBulimia

Beat is the UK’s eating disorder charity. Its aims are simple: to change the way everyone thinks and talks about eating disorders; to improve the way services and treatments are provided; and to help anyone believe that their eating disorder can be overcome. They provide information and support via helplines, message boards and online support groups. Check out their HelpFinder, too - an online directory where you can find eating disorder services near you.

If you're concerned about anorexia nervosa, you're not alone. Around 1 in 100 young people aged between 10 and 20 suffer from anorexia each year. It can be very difficult to accept that you have a problem, but when you do, there are lots of people who can help.

Worrying about your weight and getting caught up in binge and purge cycles are common symptoms of the eating disorder bulimia. Find out more about bulimia and how to get help.

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